Thurs 5/28/15

This week we’ve had some fun drilling SG 4 material (Hook Punch, Body Punch, and their counters). It’s unique in our curriculum because we initially train it in sequence where each partner has dual roles of boxer and wing chun. We paid particular attention to the ‘uniquely’ wing chun transition from Bounce Punch as it yields into Tan Dar.

Inspired by the ‘pushing down’ of Chi Gerk into the student grades, we added a Jap Gerk Stomp Kick anytime a partner is in Tan Dar. (but not every time!) Naturally, we also trained the kick counters and ‘counter-counters’. Funny how adding kicks always helps check the spread of our stance and weight distribution.

Introduced the updated Escrima footwork and was reminded in short order how exhausting movements are when they are ‘whole body’.

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