Here are some kind words from a diverse group of students:

I have trained with Sifu Graham for almost 16 years. He is a gifted teacher and has become a close friend. His technical material is first-rate, and he is continually working to improve everything about the program. – T. K.

Sifu Graham is a down to earth and skilled teacher. I find the Emin Boztepe Martial Art System (EBMAS) of Wing Chun to be both simplistically practical and challenging at the same time. I’ve had the privilege of being able to train with him now for 6+ years and don’t have any plans of stopping. – E. S.

Sifu Graham Weedon is an excellent, friendly, and highly skilled martial artist. He generously shares his decades of training and experience in Wing Chun and Escrima with his students. Sifu Graham teaches sophisticated, yet practical martial arts skills, interwoven with self-defense strategies and makes the classes fun and enjoyable. Highly recommended for children and adults who want to learn self-defense, martial arts, and get some exercise. – P. Y.

Graham has a fantastic teaching style. He is calm, friendly, funny & engaging, but firm, related to issues around safety. He customizes applications to a given student’s skill level in order that all benefit from given drills & practices. – M. J.

As a long time student of both traditional martial arts and practical defensive tactics, I have been extremely lucky in the quality of my instructors in the past. This has left me with very high expectations of my instructors going forward and Sifu Weedon has more than met those expectations. He makes even the most nuanced and traditional aspects of Wing Chun and Escrima very accessible, while at the same time framing them in the proper context to make them useful in real-world situations. These factors added to the fun and relaxed atmosphere brought to the instruction make for one of the best learning experiences in my 26 years of martial arts. I would recommend Sifu Weedon and Plano Wing Chun and Escrima to students of any level. Regardless of their goals, they will find what they are looking for there. – J. L.

I’ve done a couple of different martial arts/defensive systems over the years. When I moved to TX I wanted to continue training in Wing Chun/Kali. Sifu Graham Weedon provides excellent instruction in the EBMAS system of Wing Chun coupled with the Latosa system of Escrima. The instruction is practical and based on surviving/dominating a violent confrontation. The class structure is relaxed, there are no colored belts, the other students are mature, professional and focused. – G. C.