Meet the Instructor

Sifu Graham Weedon of Plano Wing Chun

Sifu Graham Weedon discovered Wing Chun while stationed in Alaska with the US Army. He settled in Plano in 1997 and founded Plano Wing Chun at the request of his Sifu or Teacher, Emin Boztepe.

Graham was awarded the title of Sifu in 2012 for his personal achievements and efforts to grow the Emin Boztepe Martial Art System. Sifu Graham is ranked as a 4th Technician Grade in Wing Chun and is closing in on 1st Technician Grade in Escrima.

Graham continues his education in these arts under GrandMaster Emin Boztepe, GrandMaster Rene Latosa, and Master David Lesser.

Sifu Graham is available for hands-on seminars and has trained such diverse groups as realtors, police officers, and women’s groups.